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Merry Christmas 2022

A sprinkle of snow the night before Christmas Eve and it truly brought some Holiday Spirit to a season I had no plans to celebrate. There is always something there to remind me of my childhood past, a time when I was excited to go to my Grandparents for the feast of Seven Fishes, then head to bed and wake up to see what Santa had left under our tree. I think how lucky I was to have a Mom who provided those things, even when the chips were down. Not every child is lucky to have that. So, if someone else can make other people happy, even when they are down, why can't I do the same?

I truly had no spirit to put on a Holiday show this year, but the amount of messages I received, to see if I was performing in NYC for Christmas, inspired me to move forward.

Thanks to all the incredible moms past and present who made their children smile every Christmas morning. Hope this season is filled with the miracle of snow and people you love.

Peace and Love,



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