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Merry Christmas 2021


Hope this 2021 Holiday finds you all well after the shit-show last year. I hope you spend it with some family and friends and continue to be safe. The fall season for us started out a little rough, with Mom taking a bad fall and breaking her ankle on November 6th. Since then she immediately had a surgery and a 2nd procedure, but still off her foot with Therapy for a few more weeks. I suddenly wish I had the powers of Samantha Stevens of Bewitched, to not only fix her ankle, but to get all the Christmas shopping, baking, cooking and cleaning done before our Feast of Fishes for this evening. Unfortunately, I am more like Aunt Clara, the bumbling fool, who unsuccessfully can't get the spell right! Regardless, after dinner, we will play some Holiday games, exchange gifts, eat a lot of baked goods and breathe a sigh of relief once the pressure is behind us. Wish you and your families a very Happy AND Healthy Holiday Season!

Peace and Love,



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