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I can't believe today was the final date on the 2018 50 Shades of Gay Tour. It all started in April, as I carefully planned out a mini tour, starting in June,16 dates that covered NYC, Providence, Rhode Island; Columbus, Ohio; Rochester, New York; Rehoboth, Delaware; Scranton, Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland. A special THANK YOU to the incredible cast on various dates who gave their time and talent, names like Tym Moss, Viki Villainess, Margoh Channing, Jeza Belle, Chris WIlliams, Vivian Darling and Aaron Paul. Thanks to Tyrone Desperado, whose designs on all the posters are brilliant, and also all the work you put into each performance on Audio/Video, without you, we would just be on stage with a mic. To UBERLUBE for providing so many wonderful products and goodies for our volunteers and audience members, we are truly grateful to your incredible company for being involved on this production, and look forward to many other shows! To all the great venues and FRINGE Festivals that welcomed 50 Shades of Gay and to all the AUDIENCE Members who packed/SOLD OUT the house throughout our travels. You were all great sports and happy to be on stage!

So what's next for 50 Shades of Gay in 2019? Stay tuned, I'm already on that! :)

Thank you ALL for your constant support of this production!

Chat Soon!!



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