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"The mastermind of creativity, Ike Avelli showcased a riveting, adult variety explosion" - Huffington Post

You're A Mean One Ike Avelli 4x6 Back (2

Stand-up comedian Ike Avelli, brings his 7th BRAND NEW Show back to NYC!! The show, Written/Produced and Starring Ike, who has been hailed by the Indie News Blog, as a "Satirical Genius", is filled with all of Ike's favorite Holiday Movie and Cartoons, plus the costumes from those classics are worn by Ike on stage! Plus, check out his featured guests in this years show!

IKE AVELLI is a Stand Up Comedian who Wrote, Produced and Starred in 7 original shows since 2013:  "I've Slept My Way To The Top....Twice"(2013) , "Ike Avelli Is Coming To Town" (2014) , "50 Shades of Gay" (2015), "Love On A DEAD END Street" (2016) , "I Thought I Would Be Dead By Now" (2016) and "You're A Mean One, Ike Avelli" (2016)  in different cities, and all shows were PACKED HOUSES!


Tym Moss

Margoh Channing

Zola Powell


Richmond Chandler


TJ Garafolo

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