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Celebration of Tyrone's Life (2022)

Tyrone Desperado Memorial 1979-2022

Tyrone Desperado Memorial 1979-2022

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Join Host Ike Avelli as he celebrates Tyrone R. Miller's life.

Friends and Family are invited for a night full of stories, pictures and special performances from:
Jeza Belle, Margoh Channing, Miz Cracker, Coby Koehl, Gio Michaels and Tym Moss.

“Life is what you celebrate. All of it. Even in its end.” – Joann Harris

IKE AVELLI is a Comedian, Author, Actor and Radio Co-host. Ike Wrote, Produced and Starred in 13 original shows since 2013 and one in particular, "50 Shades of Gay" has been touring the U.S. in different cities and all shows were PACKED HOUSES! His Book "A Year In The Life Of Ike Avelli...And It Ain't Pretty" was listed on the Best Selling New Releases on Amazon, and Sold Out twice. Ike and his productions have won awards including Best Comedy Performer at the Get Out Magazine awards show among others.

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