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2023 - BYE BYE BYE

Looks like 2023 came first in the NASCAR race! It went so fast I can remember the very first thing I did this year, well the first two lol.

The year started out with Wendy Stuart's Birthday Bash at Pangea. I wrote a parody tailored for her celebration and it was a fabulous way to kick off the year. Then I got slammed with COVID, actually the first time I got it since it's ugly head popped in the states. I healed up and attended the 24th Annual Glam Awards a few weeks later and it was an amazing night seeing everyone in NYC nightlife dressed up to the nines!

50 Shades of Gay had a great year again, starting out to a SOLD OUT crowd in Spotswood NJ and hitting other cities like NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, Providence and many others! It was also nominated again for Best Cabaret Show at the 25th Annual Glam Awards happening in January of 2024!

Loose Lips came back for it's 3rd season with Tym/I and we had some incredible guests on like Adam Matterra, Laura Cheadle, Kenny Wilkerson, Jesse Luttrell, Wendy Liebman and many others. We already have guests lined up for the New Year with Season 4. Thanks to Chris WIlliams for filling in for our Sheena Easton segments! I was also a guest on some great shows like WVOX in NY, and featured in Canvas Rebel Magazine. I was invited to be a weekly influencer by Roger Gardner on his podcast "Love On The Rox". It was a lot of fun and always enjoy working with Roger!

Wendy Stuart, Tym Moss and I were announcers this year for NYC Pride and wanted to send a Thank You to Alan Reiff who organized and made it officially happen. Laughs/Tears, it truly was a magical day/night.

This year, my 14th production, a play called "Bitter Betty's", finally came to life! Winter 2019/2020 I wrote this play and had a reading with the original cast that January before COVID hit the fan. It was put on the shelf. Unfortunately 2020 and 2021 there was not enough time to bring the show out with the theaters not opening up again until mid 2021. I worked with Tym Moss, Sam Oz Stone and Alex Scelso during the Summer months and we were finally able to bring the show to a SOLD OUT crowd in NYC, and celebrated Nick, Rose and Emran's Birthday as well! Hope to bring the show back again!

Two other highlights: Wiinning the 2023 LGBTQ Comedian of the Year for Get Out Magazine, my 2nd win! I was also a presenter at the Awards Ceremony at Boxers in NYC, AND I landed the role of Rick in Lady Clover Honey's Short Horror Film, "Drag To Death" which seen it's premiere this past Fall!!

Want to Thank the following!

  • Nina Carey who creates all the amazing posters and promotional items for the shows and of course your help backstage every time!

  • Tym Moss who has been on this roller coaster with me since 2015 and just gets me and the show! Appreciate you and your input always!

  • Suze Velv Genereux of Suze GX Designs for creating 4 new epic costumes for my shows this year and the goodie bags that we were able to give out for the Holiday Show! Can't wait for the next project!

  • Nick Lion for all the amazing clothes/jewelry that I wear on stage!

  • To Rose Trentman who introduced me to Kenneth Rykewood who provided me my wonderful coat for my Christmas show in NYC.

  • My sponsors, Uberlube and Davidoff Tax Law for helping keep the show on the road and always providing giveaways for the audience!

  • Albert Crocus Pena, the crowd always loves to receive your handcrafted photos of the show, cast members and supporters. You ROCK!

  • Jed Ryan and Joseph Aiello for coming to the shows every time, taking photos and bringing the show to life. Robert Cintron for capturing as well for Bitter Betty's!

  • Shannon Epstein "DJ SHAN" for always saying YES when I need someone technical when traveling and you truly just get me!

  • Wendy Stuart/Clover Welsh for helping in raising money for Make a Smile Foundation during the Christmas production.

  • To all the great venues throughout 2024 that have been amazing to us when we come out to entertain!

  • To Renee and my Mom for helping put items together for the show and to Joann for finding Driving Mr. and Mrs. Daisy.

To ALL the performers I shared a stage with this year: Tym Moss, Hanukkah Lewinsky, Jesse Luttrell, Dorothy Bishop, Cecile Williams, Alex Scelso, Sam Oz Stone, Margoh Channing, Windy Breeze, Icy Hottiee, Robyn Ya'Men, Jacqueline Dupree, Lady Clover Honey, Miz Jade and Francine Mancini!!

To everyone who supports me from Social Media and/or coming to the shows around the country, THANK YOU for another amazing year and look forward to 2024 and some new adventures I will be taking on and will be sharing with you in the next couple of months!





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