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Merry Christmas 2023

I swore this Holiday Season I would be on top of my game. I would start shopping immediately online after Thanksgiving. I can't believe I am breaking promises to myself now. The night before Christmas Eve, I was knee deep in people at the mall, everyone searching for that last minute gift to buy. The second I got home, I immediately 'wrapped' the gifts up and trust me, the people receiving these gifts will know by the rush job I did. I even took a hint from someone who is no longer with us, grabbed a People magazine and started ripping pages to act as gift wrap since I was to lazy to reach for the roll of paper. P.S. Oprah is on the cover of the magazine this week, you're welcome!

This fall, I moved out of my home and will begin looking for something new in the spring. Lot of memories in the last home, good and bad, but I will say, every Christmas there was filled with happiness, laughs and love. The house I am in now is decorated and we begin to cook on Christmas Eve.

I hope this holiday season you are not 'rushing' and enjoy all the time you can with family and friends. If you do receive a gfit that is wrapped with a celebrity, treasure it! I would do anything to get a gift wrapped like that again!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!




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