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2021 - Another Year Bites The Dust!

As I write this, I heard the news on Betty White. I think it's safe to say, we were all on her side with the hopes she seen her 100th on January 17th. Crappy way to end the old year, but even more excited to bring in 2022 at this point. When this year began, we were not to hopeful, as performers go, that we would be hitting the stage early on. I started off with Virtual appearances on podcasts, but was not into creating a "LIVE" variety show on any platform as it was stripping me and my guests of our talents vs seeing us on stage. That being said, I, along with my Best Friend Tym Moss, started our own podcast called "Loose Lips" which premiered in February. Tym and I have been chatting for years as to why we didn't have our own show, as our telephone calls are HILARIOUS. Well, the pandemic made this happen. Since our first episode, the show has grown, not only internationally, but we have hit close to 500 cities in the U.S. alone, with just 20 Episodes of our first season! We cannot wait to come back for Season 2!

When April hit, I received word from the Triad Theater that they would be opening and if I was interested in bringing one of my productions to their incredible venue. Well, 50 Shades of Gay hit it's 6th Anniversary this year and I decided to bring it there. On August 7th, we sold out the theater and the crowd was the BEST! We were also able to celebrate a few of my FAVORITE peoples birthday! Nick Lion, Leann and Kim! I have been performing at the Triad now for 4 years and they have been so welcoming. Look forward to coming back at some point in 2022!

Once, theaters started to open, the invites were coming in. I was able to bring the show to Providence, RI for 3 nights as well as Orlando, Florida at the Abbey Theater. So happy I was able to share a stage with Tym Moss, Viki Villainess, Jacqueline Dupree and Fran Sisco during it's run.

Last year, I was working with the incredible Suze Stuzman of Suze "GX" Designs for a couple of costumes with 50 Shades of Gay, and unfortunately that was put on the back burner. This year, we were able to meet up and she completely brought my vision to life and then some! I look forward to working with her in 2022 for another project, that I will be letting you know about at some point mid-year!

Also, a shout-out to Albert for creating some great shots of me and providing the New Year pic for this blog! Love it!

What is in store for 2022? Well, if all goes well and these variants stay the hell away, I should not only be traveling with 50 Shades of Gay again to a few cities (check the website for dates), but I will be bringing to the stage, a short play I wrote at some point to a venue in the city by spring, as well as a new Holiday Show, which has ready to go live since 2020.

Thank you to all the incredible hosts who invited me on their shows/podcasts and to all the celebrity guests on Loose Lips! I would also like to thank my super sponsors, E. Martin Davidoff, Attorney At Law and Uberlube for their support this year as we would not be able to go around the country to entertain.

Thanks to Tyrone Desperado for all the incredible pics from Loose Lips and 50 Shades of Gay! Look forward to working with you again next year.

To Nick Lion for always dressing me in the BEST clothes and making sure I look like a million dollars! Not an easy job when I weigh a MILLION pounds! XO

But most of all, THANK YOU for making 2021 a great year, by supporting me and my shows and traveling out to see us do what we love to do. Hope to see you in your hometown next year!


Peace and Love



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