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Hey All,

I just wanted to send out a personal message to EVERYONE who voted for me, as last night I took home the award for LGBT COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR at the 5th Annual Get Out Awards in Shadowboxers NYC! I am so grateful to have you all in my life and to take the time out to vote. It was short notice, as the category was added in 1 month after the actual form was already created! The VOTES came from NEAR and FAR, and I am still riding high. Another highlight was my incredible friends Amber and Jennifer surprised me by showing up from Long Island, and the person that was suppose to present my category was not there. Amber filled in, so how incredible to have the award given to me by none other than Amber. We really are an amazing team!! Was great to see the community all together in one room, having a great time. At the award show, I also Presented and Performed my Joan Rivers Tribute.

It was truly a night I will NEVER forget!

Love you all!!!


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