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2020 - Bye Bitch

2020 started out of the gate with an amazing opportunity for me to be a part of Theality TV! I was asked by Rob Gould to play the part of the Financier. In January and February, filming began , and while on set a few people started to get sick, not realizing what was about to happen to the world. The part I was playing did not require me to be there for the full two weeks in February, but I was there for the last few days including the reunion episode on February 16th. You can go to Broadway on demand, and watch the entire season!

In January my last 'venue' party was at Bedlam for Wendy Stuart's Birthday Bash! It was an EPIC event, and I got to be with all my favorite people, including Nick Lion, Tym Moss, Richard Pryor, Jr, Nathan James among so many others.

March hits and while my calendar is fully in place, we are in lockdown due to Covid-19

My events which included travel to Chicago, Miami, Rochester etc were now being postponed with no future date in site.

I decided to create, in April, an old school talk show (think of Johnny Carson) called Live! In Bed With Ike Avelli, which ran for 14 weeks and we had 50 guests from all over the world! I was fortunate to tie in 50 Shades of Gay too.

By fall, 50 Shades of Gay was asked back to the Rochester Fringe Festival for a 4th year with 13 consecutive nights on demand, which gave me the idea to put together a pay per view special with the help of my many talented friends called "50 Shades of Gay Christmas Spectacular", as this would have been my 6th Annual year of putting Holiday shows together. Special Thanks to Tym Moss, Jeza Belle, Jed Ryan, Wendy Stuart, Joseph Aiello, "Mariah" Carrie, Nathan James, Jim Silvestri, Vivian Darling, Viki Villainess, Margoh Channing, Frankie Vincent, Riqi Velez and Brad Pittman

I want to thank all the radio interviews that I was invited too, Movies, Reviews and More, Suck It Podcast, Smoked Meat, Evan Laurence and his ZOOM Performance shows, Wendy Stuart and Steven Teague for inviting me to Triversity in the Summer, and so many other great podcasts and shows.

Special Thanks to my sponsors, uberlube and E. Martin Davidoff, Attorney At Law.

It may have been a crappy year, but when life hands you lemons, squirt it in the eye of someone you can't stand! 2021 will be fabulous and I already have my travel guide for my shows coming and 2 new shows that I will be announcing soon!

Thank you all for your continued support always, and I wish you a Happy, HEALTHY New Year!




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