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50 Shades of Gay Tour

Hey All!

Summer has come and gone and 50 Shades of Gay is still on the road right through the upcoming Winter Season..Stay Tuned!. Just finished four nights at the Rochester Fringe Festival for the 3rd year in a row, and we SOLD OUT 3 nights, with a waiting list of people trying to get into the show. I am so grateful, to everyone at the Rochester Fringe Festival, especially at Writers and Book (Chris, Dan, Misty, Clara) who went above and beyond to make us all feel comfortable and made sure all the equipment we needed was ready to go when we arrived. Each night set up was quicker than ever. To Tym Moss who has been traveling with me for the last 4 years with the show, I am so grateful to you for always being there, no matter how long the trips are. Vivian Darling, I am so happy that you were a part of this show again, we enjoy working with you and as always, you are a pleasure to share a stage with!. Tyrone Desperado for creating the magic digitally and for keeping the audio/video going like the pro you are. We would be nothing on stage without you at the boards. Was great to see Nash Johns, who has come to the show for the last 3 years. Be sure to check him out on Social Media!! To The fabulous volunteers on stage for our Audience Participation..YOU ROCKED IT!!! To everyone behind the scenes from press/promotions etc, THANK YOU for making this another incredible year. What's next? 50 Shades of Gay has a few more dates before 2019 ends, so keep visiting here for updates. To my sponsors, uberlube and E. Martin Davidoff, Attorney at Law. To EVERYONE who has come out to see the show this year and packed the is VERY appreciated!

Talk soon!


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