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Happy Birthday Sheena!

Here is another Taurus, that inspired me from the very first day I heard her voice in 1981. Her very first year in the business, she became the FIRST/ONLY singer EVER to appear in the opening credits of the James Bond Movie "For Your Eyes Only" and in only 4 short years, also became the ONLY artist on Billboard to crack the top 5 on the Pop, Adult Contemporary, R&B, Dance, and Country charts. Every one of her albums she sported a different look, Short Hair/Long Hair, Spiked, Red, Black, Brown, she kept me and her fans excited. She taught me in those years of watching her, to try new things, as doing the same thing over and over will becoming boring. From Pop to Country to Rock to Jazz to Dance to Broadway to R&B, she truly has done it all. Happy 60th Birthday Sheena!

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