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2018 - Another One Bites The Dust

Is it me, or are the years passing by like crazy?!?!

2018 marks 5 years since I debuted my first show "I've Slept My Way To The Top....Twice" in 2013, and this is, hands down the most incredible year ever. Not only was I able to put together 2 new shows this year, I was able to explore other avenues in the entertainment business as well.

In March, Viki Villainess and I hosted our 4 week limited engagement of "Un-Talented Tuesdays" in NYC, where we each performed numbers and in between chatted about everything from our week to Hot Topics. We also had weekly special guests with us join in on the fun. We were also able to host together in July, Jim Silvestri's 2 Year extravaganza for "Thotyssey".

In April, I brought my 8th NEW show "Ike Avellis Day Off" to NYC. It was a tribute to my favorite decade, the '80s! The show consisted of parodies (Mickey), video sketches (Breakfast Club and Tracey Ulllman), plus stories (Sheena Easton) and it was the most challenging of my shows, for I alone had 10 costume changes, as I changed for each year of the decade. I had a blast, and so grateful for Jeza Belle, Ari Kiki, Viki Villainess.

In May-August, I was a featured guest on DTF radio's What's Happening New York? NY Radio in a new segment called "Celebrity Juice" with super talented host Sunydew! Had a blast being a part of such a great show!

In June through November, I began a 6 month tour that took my show "50 Shades of Gay" to incredible cities for SOLD OUT in some cities. The show visited NYC; Providence, RI; Columbus, OH; Rochester, NY; Scranton, PA; Rehoboth, DE and Baltimore, MD. I am thankful to Tym Moss, Vivian Darling Viki Villainess, Aaron Paul, Margoh Channing, Jeza Belle and Chris Williams. I was very excited to also win an award at the Providence Fringe Awards for the show as well!

In July, I wrote my first book "A Year In The Life Of Ike Avelli...And It Ain't Pretty". The book was a diary of my life in 2017. It was so exciting to not only have a Book Release Party/Show to a packed house at Boxers UES with Tym Moss and Ari Kiki), but the book SOLD OUT twice on Amazon!

In December, I brought my 9th Original and 3rd Christmas Show to the Iconic Off Broadway theater, The Triad in NYC. I decided to write a story about how I am trying to get on Santa's Good List, circling the story around music, comedy and video. I was very lucky to have giveaways for each of the audience members! Thanks to Tym Moss who Narrated and Sucia, Angel Elektra, Shay D'Pines and Frankie Vincent who all literally brought my dream to life, and my Sis/niece for putting together the most incredible bling meter!

I was asked to perform at Benefits under Joe Mannetti such as Walk the Walk for the AIDS walk in NYC at Stonewall in NYC in March and in December, his event Toys For Iris at Industry in NYC.

Thrilled to be featured in Whats Happening Now? New York Mag by Lourdes Bigio. Special guest on The Shade Parade with Viki Villainess and Ari Kiki. Special guest for the entire episode on the Season Premiere of Gabtown Divas with Travis Nadeau. Interviewed by Mindy Cronk for a WVIA Radio spot on Artscene with Erika Funke in PA. Interviewed by Stryker and Quest. Interviewed in Baltimore OUTloud by Frankie Kujawa. Special Thanks to all the great reviews from Nathan James with Hollywood Digest and Kylie Miller with DC Metro Theater Arts, among others.

Thank you to sponsors Uberlube and Mark De Alwis Salon for the wonderful giveaways for the audience members in my show, the audience went crazy and I am grateful for your generosity.

Thank you to Billy Hess Photography for continously bringing my show to life, even after the performance is over, the show lives on with your natural shots!!

To all the performers I shared a stage with throughout 2018, Ari, Viki, Jeza, Aaron, Tym, Margoh, Vivian, Chris, Zola, Sucia, Angel, Shay, Frankie. You all are true artsts, who are not afraid to take chances on stage. Thanks for helping make 2018 the best year ever!

To my assistant Nina, who gets me in and out of the costumes with ease each and every time for the last 5 years! To my Mom and Sister for supporting me each and every year, even if some of my jokes are about them! Love you all!

To Tyrone Despeardo for making my shows come to life with your incredible graphics and for always believing in every thing I envision and cheering me on.

To incredible friends I lost this year. Robbyne Kaamil, Daniel Thompson and Poppi Kramer. I miss you all terribly.

Lots of new adventures outside of shows coming up in 2019! For now 50 Shades of Gay continues with a stop January 19th in Augusta, GA!!

To Everyone NEAR and FAR who came out to ALL the shows, brought tickets/books/merchandise. Without you, my dreams would not be able to come true! Here is to an amazing 2019 together!

Happy New Year!

xoxo Ike

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