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50 Shades Of Action!

Hey All!!

Hope your Summer has been great! We have been traveling since the Tour for "50 Shades of Gay" started rolling in June. We have had great runs to packed houses in NYC, Providence, Columbus and this week, The Rochester Fringe Festival welcomed us back for 4 more nights this year. They came to pack the house and SOLD US OUT! This is our 2nd year performing in the festival, and we had a blast once again.

Wednesday the 19th we headed out really early in the a.m. as we had to get to rehearsal at the venue "Writers and Books". On our way there, I did notice our ride was going pretty fast. My incredible friends Tym Moss and Tyrone Desperado were with me in the car and Tym notes, that I am going pretty fast. Just then I fly by a cop hidden in a ditch. I look in my side view mirror and the lights go flashing on! I immediately blurt out, "SHIT!". Tym says, "Take that exit to the rest stop". I immediately tear across two lanes, sweep over the exit and around the bend. I was out of view of the cop. Tym and I look at each other instantly, and blurt out, "We are fucking Thelma and Louise!" We are now on the lam! P.S. Look out for our Season Finale of The Tym and Ike Show as we do a quick mock vid of what happened! Will be released soon!

We arrive at our Hotel 'East Avenue Inn and Suites' to our incredible Host David, who not only treated us royally, but we arrived to a Bottle on Ice with 3 Champagne glasses, chocolates and a great note. The room/stay was wonderful from arrival to departure.

Unfortunately, Viki Villainess could not make the trip as she is pushing a new short film called Kings and Queens for Sundance, so we were very lucky to have Rochester's own Vivian Darling star in the show with us for the 4 nights! We love her to pieces and her talent is EPIC. We were able to catch her in her production, "She Done Tried It" and it was FABULOUS along with all in the show! Thank you for being there for us, and look forward to doing more in the future! Love, Daddy.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Tym Moss, who has been doing this show with me for 3 years now, and always there, no questions asked, and gives me the biggest headache from laughing nonstop throughout it all. Tyrone Despeardo for again, never failing to shine on everything you do for me for this production, photos, posters, sound, video..I don't think anyone can bring what you bring to the table.

To Dan and Chris at Writers and Books who were so much fun to be around and made it very easy for us since this started back in April. To the house managers, Maddy and Sarah, you were both a blessing to have, from hooking everything up to the lighting! Hope our paths cross again next year.

To Stephanie, Max and Donald, who we became great friends with last year and showed up to surprise us this year, very blessed to have you all in our lives! Look forward to seeing you all hopefully sooner than later!

To EVERYONE that came out to have a GREAT time with us, I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You truly all made each night on stage so much fun for us. We look forward to coming back next year!

As we left the building, after our final show, we got in the truck, and before we pulled away, Tym pointed out that right in front of us a dog was taking a crap. I don't think we can think of a better send off...well except that we were almost in an accident from a HIGH SPEED chase with someone in a corvette and a police officer in Pennsylvania! Kind of crazy that our trip started out and closed the same way! Not sure if he got away too... ;)

Until next time, see you at one of the next stops, and another city/state is being added this week too!!!!



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