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2017 - Where The Hell Did You Go?!?

Here we are, another year that has come and gone, and my schedule this year was the reason for it. I kicked off the year writing my 7th Original Show, called "The Book Of Ike" in March at the Duplex Cabaret Theater in NYC to a packed house, and was lucky to have Robbyne Kaamil and Lauren Ordair in the show with me. I also brought it to the Atlantic City Comedy Club in July.

Ari Kiki asked me to perform in her show "Tacky Tuesdays" on Valentine's Day at the great Boots and Saddle! And it was officially my first night out celebrating V.D. in years..shoot maybe decades lol.

I was asked to perform at Benefits for Auntie M's Helping Hands in Brentwood NY in April as well as a Benefit for Puerto Rico in October. Performed for Autism in Asbury Park, NJ in July, and for POP ROCKS in July at the Ice Palace on Fire Island with the ICNY. I was also honored to Roast Icon Michael Musto in Get Out Magazine!!

One of my highlights of the year, was bringing 50 Shades of Gay back for a SOLD OUT show at the Duplex on the shows 2nd Anniversary, and it was also picked for 4 SOLD OUT nights at the Rochester Fringe Festival in Rochester NY in September!

I was a guest on The Irish Jinger Show in January, Uncomfortably Funny Podcast in May, July and September. Guest on What's Happening Now on DTFRADIO in Brooklyn NY Hosted by Lourdes B in October and chatted on Drinks with Jess,interviewed by Jess Branas in December. Featured in Thotyssey with Jim Silvestri in March and Momensity10 in April. Was a guest on International Hit Radio show "Jimmy Star Show" featuring Ron Russell in both September and November.

I brought back my show "You're A Mean One, Ike Avelli", Off Broadway to the Triad Theater in December to a SOLD OUT house.

The Tym and Ike Show's 2nd season hit in September and more vids to come, and I was asked to join as a co-host on the #1 Radio Show on Wildfire Radio called "The Idiots".

Great interviews in Huffington Post, Get Out Magazine, Indiesource, Indienews.

Special thanks to Eileen Shapiro, Jimmy Star and WorldStarPR. Aaron Paul, Rob Panos, Anthony Dannenfelser

Thanks to all the great talent I shared a stage with in 2017: Ari Kiki, Robbyne Kaamil, Lauren Ordair, Viki Villainess, Tym Moss, Zola Powell, TJ Garafolo, Richmond Chandler, Mother, Aaron Paul, Brian Fadulto, Toggo Ultrarock, Taylor Allen, Monica Blewinsky, and Markus Kelle.

I was handpicked out of thousands, as one of the top 250 people who made NYC nightlife in 2017 by Jim Silvestri in Thotyssey!

2018 is currently already mapped out up to mid Summer, so please follow me on as those dates will be posted soon! I've been getting lots of request for other Fringe Festivals across the country for 50 Shades of Gay. I am currently writing 2 more shows, which will debut Spring/Winter 2018, including some great interviews already scheduled! PLUS, I am also going to be announcing something exciting in the beginning of this year, with the hopes of a late spring/early summer release!

To My Mom and Sister who are my biggest fans and never miss a show, and still good sports when a majority of the jokes are aimed at them. LOVE YOU!

To Tyrone Desperado, who is always there for me, but in October has been battling illness, I hope 2018 finds you in great health, back on the map, as you always take care of every thing, from Photography, Graphic Design, Audio and Video at my shows, creating the outstanding programs for each and every show, and everything in between.

To my Personal Assistant Nina, who at only 17 years old, is the most organized, down to earth, drama free person I know. Adults -3 times your age, should take a lesson from you! It's hard backstage with me, but you make it flow effortlessly, and the laughs help too!

Nick Lion who provided lots of Free Goodies for my Audience Participation Portion of the show.

Billy Hess Photography for coming out to my Holiday Show and taking EPIC shots!

Most important...EVERYONE out there who continously supports me whether it is on Social Media or coming to all the shows. All the Fabulous NEW supporters and friendly faces from Near and Far, without you all, I wouldn't be able to do what I love. Let's continue this AMAZING RIDE TOGETHER!

I wish you all a HAPPY/HEALTHY New Year for 2018!!

Peace and Love Ike XOXO

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