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What a way to end the year!

Last night was my first time performing Off Broadway at the Legendary Triad Theater! When the curtain rose, I was blown away to see how PACKED the house was! I want to thank so many people last evening, of course my cast in order of appearance:

Richmond Chandler: I wanted to do something different for this Christmas show, and having you serenade Holiday songs as the audience members walked in was the best decision I made. You are an magical talent with an incedible gift. It truly set the pace for the rest of the show. Thank you for being there, as always.XO TJ Garafolo: Last year, I asked you to be a part of my show Christmas show this year, and I am so happy you said YES! You rocked it opening the show up, and I am still laughing from hearing you backstage. You came with NO DRAMA and were there to have fun with all of us. Thanks for getting the crowd worked up and going right along with our politically incorrectness! XO Tym Moss: What can I say Tin Man, you are always on point and don't miss a beat. I heard both songs backstage and each performance had the crowd cheering you on! I am so grateful to have you on my side each and every time. I can easily say to you, Let's try this...and you reply instantly with a laugh.."OK!". Last night it worked, levitation and all! Love, Dorothy. XO Zola Powell: You my love are a CLASS ACT! You came with two beautiful festive holiday gowns, 2 amazing Christmas jams and your jewelry sparkled just like you. I know it's been 18 years since you performed Christmas songs on stage, but how lucky am I, that you broke that just for me! I look forward to many more adventures, stage and taxi in the future! XO

Tyrone Desperado: I know it's been a crazy couple of months for you, but you came out and still managed to keep everything in check with audio and video timing. Thank you for always welcoming my DIVA moments and calling me out on it when needed. I would have been lost with you. XO

Nina Carey: I truly believe you have the HARDEST Job and you can probably right a book on it. Like, "My foot doesn't go in there", or "Where is my red and green underwear", "Do you think these hips are gonna fit in those tiny tights?". But no matter what, you make me laugh each and every time and I love that you have it all mapped out flawlessly. XO

Anthony Dannenfelser for being there and coming from PA to help backstage and whatever I needed throughout the night, and making sure I got back in one piece

The thank you's are endless, WorldStarPR, Eileen Shapiro, The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell for the fabulous interviews, promotions and reviews! Billy Hess, who was nominated for Best Photographer in NYC taking shots all night professionally and effortlessly. Nick Lion for the fabulous ADULT Gifts for my audience Participation that fit my ADULT Variety show to a "T".

The fabulous A list NYC celebrities who came out to support me, Jimmy Star, Ron Russell, Billy Hess, hair stylist to the stars Mark De Alwis, Pop/Dance superstar Aaron Paul, Jim Silvestri, Tara Tiara, Fiore Barbini among others.

My mom and sister for always taking it on the chin, when I start ripping on them The incredible staff at the Triad Theater, from Managers, Box Office Tech, Servers,who were so friendly accomodating on every level...THANK YOU!

But most importantly, YOU....who all came out to support me New/Familiar faces! Without you, I would not be able to do what I LOVE to do more than anything in this world. And that is to make people laugh, to forget what ever troubles you may have for 90 minutes each and every time I hit the stage. THANK YOU!


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