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Dinner Desserts and Dysfunction

I can write dozens of stories of the many zany Thanksgiving Day dinners at my Mom's house and probably fill one entire show. Like the one time, a squirrel got in through her dryer hose and it escaped into the Dining Room while we were eating, and seeing my 5 year old niece point to it in excitement..."KITTY"!! Another Thanksgiving, Mom opened her back door to shake off her floor mat, when a bird flew in the house for warmth, crapping all over the rug and curtains just minutes before company arrived! But my favorite of all, was the Thanksgiving when she had all the food laid out on the counter, and because space was limited, decided to condense two large, DIFFERENT laundry detergents. Within a few seconds it exploded a rainbow of colors all over the ceiling, walls and all of her Holiday food. Her Yams tasted like lavender, and smelled spring time fresh! I am extremely grateful for my family and all the years of Delicious Dinners/Desserts and Dysfunction!

But most of all, I am Thankful to everyone who has supported me this year, who travel all over to come see my shows! I am forever grateful !!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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