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50 Shades of Gay - 4 SELL OUT Shows

September 23rd was the final evening for the Rochester Fringe Festival and after receiving pics from Super Talented Photographer James Kane, who brilliantly told a story to some of the shots from the show, including backstage (click here to see photos) I couldn't help but think back to what an incredible week it was!

For those who don't know, "50 Shades of Gay" was an idea I came up with in Feb 2015 when the film "50 Shade of Grey" came out. IT HAD TO BE DONE! I then booked a date for PRIDE Weekend in NYC (June 2015) and the night before the show hit The Duplex Cabaret Theater, Marriage Equality passed, and we have been Selling Out venues all over ever since. The last night of the Rochester festival we had a line of people who wanted to see the show, even though we were SOLD OUT, they were willing to stand and watch the show, so NO ONE was turned away.

I want to send a SPECIAL Thank you to the following: Jessica Kaufman who I worked with since April and has been so amazing and accommodating since day 1, with anything we needed to get the show done right! Stephanie Nonnenmacher who didn't miss a beat for myself and the cast, and always had water waiting for us.... and wine for the big lushy Drag Queen, and of course Carrie, who was just an absolute joy as were all the Fringe Festival staff that we crossed paths with. The incredible TheaterROCS @Abilene who hosted the show. What a great venue, and to the staff there that dropped whatever they were doing to help out, especially Glen!

To Tym Moss and Viki Villainess Velez, you both were troopers driving out with me for 6 hours, and getting right on stage and performing your hearts out! Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me, rain/shine. And to Tyrone Desperado who always gets my DIVA side, but gives 100% every single freakin time!

Most importantly, all the supporters who came out and SOLD OUT 4 nights and partied with us on stage, and to all the great people who we just met who were so incredibly kind to us like, Max Reiter and his wonderful posse who provided us baked goods for our final ride home!

LOVE YOU ROCHESTER NY! Hope to see you soon!



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