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Welcome to Hell!

GOOD GRAVY!!! How dare I complain about the heat, when it's so much better than a blizzard, but this Heat Wave is DESTROYING my Hair!! How hot is it? GOD is throwing Coals on the Fire, and people are walking around in towels on the street! People are hiding underneath Kim Kardashian's ass for shade!

I will tell you what else has been HOT this CALENDAR! I've been performing from Manhattan (2 Queers and A Bitch) with Tym Moss and Robbyne Kaamil to Long Island (50 Shades of Gay) to packed houses and EVERYWHERE else in between and Summer isn't over yet! And not to bring up Fall/Winter (you should be thanking me for making you think COOL right now) but I have a few EXCITING/ORIGINAL SHOWS planned for HALLOWEEN/CHRISTMAS ahead!!!! Thanks EVERYONE who continues to SUPPORT me!! Now turn the AIR CONDITIONER up to FULL BLAST or JUMP IN THE POOL and stay cool/hydrated!!!!



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