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Happy Friday!

I get a ton of questions via my email about myself, and at my last show, I did a section where you can ask advice. See below!

Have a question/and or advice you want to ask me? Send it to and check back on the blog weekly to see your answers!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Q: When Should You Get Married? Tony from Boston, MA

A: When your credit sucks and you really want to buy that house

Q: What comic would you like to go see live? Jerry from NYC

A: I would like to see Rita Rudner

Q: Best First Date? Iza from Toronto, Canada

A: When they pay for dinner without stealing your wallet

Q: Is It Okay To Hook Up with your Ex's Ex? Tyler from Egg Harbor, NJ

A: Absoultely, and be sure to scream out your ex's name to REALLY freak them out

Q: Will you be doing another Christmas show this year? Barbara from Lakewood, NJ

A: I have a new Holiday show put together for 2016, not sure what venue yet

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