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Hello ALL!!!

I've finally found the strength after the show to write my feelings down. I am blown away by the AMOUNT of LOVE and SUPPORT you all showed me at The Duplex Cabaret Theater last night! With the news of Marriage Equality on Friday, you were all ready to celebrate and glad you were all with me!

The weather was a mess, so me carrying all the costumes from the train to the theater, was NOT PRETTY, but ALL worth it in the end. And I want to thank Bill/Deb/Greg for braving the rain and walking the streets soaked! No matter how bad the rain was, you packed the house/traveled from all over the country and I am GRATEFUL!!

Here is my list of Thank you's:

Rich Balter Photography who captured my show and didn't miss a beat! You always come out and I am thankful to be able to look back and say, I remember this/that. You are THE BEST! Check out the FABULOUS photos here:

My INCREDIBLE GUESTS who GAVE IT ALL! THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time out of your busy schedules to perform in my show:

*Jeza Belle* Your song/look and EYE CANDY was ON POINT! You went all out and the MEN...OMG, THE MEN. I will have a week of amazing dreams thanks to you!!!! I guess I owe you a new pair of stockings!!

*Amber (BSF) Ferrari* The minute you told me about the Madonna Tribute show you ared doing, I was excited that you picked 'Holiday' for this particular show. It was the PERFECT SONG! Thanks for being there for me as always!

*Tym Moss* Not 1, Not 2, but 3 SONGS!!!! How lucky am I? Loved hearing the MIX of your single "Free Again"! Thank you for being so wonderful to me since the very first day we met! I still say Joan Rivers would be JEALOUS of your FILLED SCHEDULE!!!

Tyrone Desperado: I've said it before, and I will say it again, you are SO talented. The Posters/Pics/Designs you came up with, were top notch, right down to the programs for the show! I would be lost without you and blessed that I have someone who sees my vision each and every time!

Nina: you are only 15 and you had everything mapped out perfectly for me backstage for 7 wardrobe changes. I Love you for being there every show. You are the BEST personal assistant!!!

The staff at The Duplex Cabaret Theater, I love performing here and look forward to many more shows.

Mom/Renee: For not knowing what I have planned and being great sports! Love you both!!

To everyone that celebrated a birthday at the show, thanks for coming out and celebrating with me!

Again, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has supported me the last 4+ years, you laugh with me, you come out to the shows and you suppot me like crazy on Social Media. YOU ROCK!!!!!

Look forward to seeing you at the next show!!!



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