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What's Your Color?

As I look at my calendar, my heart starts to race as I see February 14th. Yes, the day some of us Singles HATE. Don't get me wrong, I am sure there are quite a few married people out there thinking, "what was I drunk when I married this terd?". Or couples who look at each other and say .."DROP DEAD"!......


Today, I was listening to Vogue by Madonna, and can't help but think, after reading the lyrics..was she writing this with Valentine's Day in her head?

Look around everywhere you turn is heartache

It's everywhere that you go

You try everything you can to escape

The pain of life that you know

Sounds like Valentine's Day to me!! Madonna, I feel you! It really seems to be EVERYWHERE THAT YOU GO! Bakeries are making heart shaped cupcakes. Restaurants are making heart shaped pizza.


Not to mention all the CANDY. Now I get why this holiday is for couples, because once you start dating, staying in shape is no longer a necessity, unless you are Angelina Jolie, and we all know she sold her Soul to the Devil (again with the RED).

So what can WE do as Single people on this day? Travel to Brazil! Brazil does not celebrate Valentine's Day in February, and is the perfect getaway from the Hearts and the Red! In China, singles have their own holiday in November, called Singles Day!

So instead of sitting in a room depressed, create your OWN holiday! I am creating "FREE TO BE ME"! I will treat myself to a day of shopping, movies, take out and disco music! My color will be BLUE.

What's Your Color?



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