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2014...You Were EPIC!

Happy New Year......

....And what a year it has been!!! As I sit down to look back at 2014, I don't know where to begin. I guess the highlight for me was bringing my first show, 2013's "I've Slept My Way Back To The Top....Twice" back to life. People have asked if I would be doing it again in NYC, and I did to another SELL OUT show at The Duplex Cabaret Theater in March! And I didn't stop it there, I then took it to Pennsylvania, and SOLD OUT that show early, that they had to move it to a bigger section of the Sherman Theater and SOLD OUT that as well! I was very happy that Amber Ferrari and Miz Cracker followed me to all the performances!

I was very lucky this year to be interviewed by some greats in the business! The incredible Tym Moss with Artists Exposed (NYC) in February and November. I first met Tym at the Get Out Awards back in 2013 and when we get together, the laughs are non-stop! I also had the pleasure to be interviewed by Travis Nadeau w/Gabtowndivas (MAINE) in February and April and the moment we began our first interview, sky was the limit! I was also blessed to be interviewed by Jeza Belle for with my best friend Amber Ferrari to tie both of our shows together with a CLEVER title! Jeza is a hoot and a half and love every minute we get to chat together! Check out the story by clicking here

Speaking of Amber Ferrari! I was lucky to open up the Joplin's Pearl Tribue Show (3rd year) featuring Amber on Long Island. Her show hit Theater Three in Port Jefferson, Dix Hills Performing Arts Center in Dix Hills and Patchogue Theater in Patchogue! I also opened up for Amber at a PRIVATE EVENT in NYC for lifeBEAT for our Annual Holiday show. Click to learn more about lifeBEAT here

I appeared in Two Magazines this year! I was in Next Magazine for the "WHEN I KNEW" feature, which you can go to the PRESS section of my web page and read my hilarious take on 'When I Knew' I was gay! I also wrote a Thanksgiving Story in the November issue of GET OUT MAGAZINE!

This year, I actually got to perform in NJ! Now I know what you are thinking, 'don't you live in NJ"? Yes, and for the 4 years that I have been performing, I've NEVER had the opportunity to perform in my own home state. I performed at the VAPOR ROOM in Franklin, NJ hosted by the incredible Melissa Allan

For my 48th Birthday Bash, I hosted my "AGED TO IMPERFECTION" show at the RITZ BAR AND LOUNGE in NYC to a packed house, where I performed Standup and was treated to performances by Tym Moss, Ari Kiki, Viki Villianess, Monet X Change and Monique Fontaine! It was an amazing night!

Many of you know, I am not a big fan of Reality/Talent Shows, but someone, who will remain nameless (WINK WINK) gave me an ultimatum. I either enter myself into America's Got Talent or I do it myself. I went for the latter and gave it a shot! I will know more in January/February but won't be disappointed if I do not hear back!

On a sad note, we lost Joan Rivers this year, my IDOL, the woman who I followed since I was 13 years old, who never lost her touch and just got better and better as she went on. Still to this day, 4 months later, can't believe she is gone. I was very fortunate to have my friend Amber/Chris give me Joan Rivers tickets for my birthday, and seen her one last time at the Paramount Theater in NY 7/25.Back in October, I paid Tribute to Joan at the 5th Annual Get Out Awards.

Speaking of the GET OUT AWARDS, another HUGE highlight, I was voted 2014 LGBT COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR!! The chills that went through my body when my name was read off was mindblowing! Thrilled beyond belief! To view the magic, click here

2014 ended with another show of mine that I Wrote Produced and Starred in for the Christmas Season, called "Ike Avelli Is Coming To Town". The show hit the Duplex Cabaret Theater in NYC and SOLD OUT days before the show hit the stage! I worked with Ari Kiki/Viki Villainess many times before and was thrilled when they filled in for another performer last minute and rocked the stage as well as two holiday songs by Recording Artist Nicco Starr! The Show was a success and I thank everyone who came from NEAR and FAR to see the show. Best Christmas Present ever! Check out the opening to my show by clicking here

Special Thanks to Tyrone Desperado, who continues to bring my visions to life! You are extremely talented with the posters/postcards/photos. You help me make each event unique!!


I want to take this time, to Thank EACH and EVERYONE who has supported me, by coming to all the shows, commenting and sharing stories on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Email. Because of you, Ike Avelli has been extended all over the country AND many countries outside of the U.S. I also want to Thank you ALL for voting for me and helping make me 2014 LGBT COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR! I love that you all laugh with me when I share my stories, it truly means the WORLD to me and I LOVE YOU ALL!

Peace and Love and a Happy New Year!!


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