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Merry Christmas All!

Christmas Eve, since I was a kid, was always my favorite day of the year, and it still is as an adult. I look forward to being with Family and Friends, cooking our traditional Italian "Feast of Seven Fishes" and eating all the incredible baked goods that are handmade. I also remember this is the time of year, I need to break out my traditional 'elastic' pants, because you can only blow a balloon up so far before it bursts!!

Now I sit home, by the fireplace, relaxed (finally) and enjoying a cocktail or 10 and watching some classic Christmas movies, like Home Alone or Christmas Vacation till I pass out, because Santa will be coming down my chimney soon. Just hope he is wise, and knows my fire isn't out yet. I forgot, Santa knows EVERYTHING! Which means I am probably on the NAUGHTY list and he will be passing my chimney up this year...TYPICAL MAN!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS, and you get to spend it with the ones you love


Peace and Love

Ike p

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