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Ike Avelli Came To Town!!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Last night, my show "Ike Avelli Is Coming To Town" hit the Duplex Cabaret Theater in NYC, and it was a blast. As a Writer you always worry how the audience will react and if I found it funny, will they? And you all made me so happy by the incredible reaction I got to the performance!! You all laughed in the right spots sometimes even more than I laughed when I wrote it. Hopefully you will never look at Charlie Brown the same way!!

I got to meet some new people who were visiting Michigan, New Mexico, Colorado, Virginia among many others that came to see the show. Thank you to EVERYONE that came out. The Show SOLD OUT a few days ago, but due to the rain alot of the ticket holders didn't make it out, hopefully next year we can do it again!

I want to THANK, Ari Kiki and Viki Villainess for standing in at the last minute. You've been there for me before and as always, you both rocked the Theater!

Nicco Starr thank you so much for coming out to sing TWO of my favorite Mariah Carey Holiday songs! You are AMAZING!

The Wonderful Brenda Jones, the creator of HUG WRAPS, a non profit organization that a portion of the proceeds went to, and the BEAUITFUL audience who dove deeper into their pockets during the show to help Brenda create more HUG WRAPS for Cancer Patients.

Thank you to my niece who helped me backstage and of course the GREAT Staff at Duplex Cabaret Theater!

Thanks to my BSF Amber Ferrari for taking PICS!!!!

Tyrone Desperado, who ran AUDIO/VIDEO, created the POSTCARDS/POSTERS/PHOTOS, you can do it ALL

Most of all, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who purchased tickets and made my HOLIDAY SHOW a REALITY/SUCCESS




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