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America's Got Talent

The FALL Season is in FULL gear for me! For everyone who knows me, gets that I do not like the processes of the 'Talent' Shows that are out there, as I have many friends who participated in them, and they were nightmares. I said I would not be a part of one, well that was until this week. I was pursuaded into audtioning for America's Got Talent. It was either they enter me behind my back (that didn't sound right) or I do it myself. Since I like to do everything on my terms, I entered myself (again, not happy the way that spells out). I was hit up last year to do so, and did not enter. Literally 2 days ago, I entered and I went today. Mind you, I was having 2nd thoughts, but the experience was not bad. I was actually. out of all the people there, moved to the FOL (Front Of Line). The crowd was not happy! They give you only 90 seconds and after that they tell you that you will hear back in February. Today was just in front of the producers. I was in at 8, home by 12.

In Other News: I have an interview with the incredible Tym Moss this week for Artists Exposed as well as a great Thanksgiving Story that will be published in a LGBT Magazine this month (more info coming soon), that will tie in with my show "IKE AVELLI IS COMING TO TOWN" in NYC at the Duplex Cabaret Theater Saturday December 6th! Please see the link below for tickets and the poster attached as well!

I am so excited to be going back to the Duplex and it will be a fun night of Holiday Songs/Stories/Jokes along with Las Vegas Diva Gio Michaels and Recording Artist Nicco Starr. This show a portion of the proceeds will go to HUG WRAPS!

Ike Is Coming To TownPoster Vista.jpg

Keep your eye out for more info/dates coming soon!!!



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