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What's Your Story??

Hello Ike-aholics!

It is the week of Pride here in NYC. Everyone is coming from all over and we are heading to the city. I've always been fascinated and inspired by other human beings 'Coming Out' stories. I did not come out to my family until I was 44 and it's actually a hysterical story, that I will be sharing at my show in September. It brings chills to me, seeing people come out today at 13, 16, 60! But, on this day of PRIDE, share your stories with me and everyone. Maybe someone out there is struggling with coming out to their families and friends, perhaps 'your story' could be an inspiration to them and change their life. No one should be alone, or ashamed. Tell me your story ( I must literally get out of the closet, as I am not going to find anything that fits me, and I must pull the covers over my head and cry myself to sleep. See, coming out is not so bad, when compared to trying to fit into SKINNY JEANS!

Peace Pride and Love



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