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Merry Christmas 2019

Hi All!

The sound of Streisand, Sinatra, Mathis fill my kitchen as I finish baking and start cooking for Christmas Eve Dinner. The rush is usually stressful throughout the season, I am not sure how we did it back in the day without online shopping. We would work, drive out to shop, with the hopes the shelves were still stocked and then go home and bake! Now, I think of something, turn on the computer, click and buy and it's delivered to the door! I must admit some of the delivery men have been eye candy, so I have been ordering crap just for a return visit! But today I will be surrounded by family, friends in my home that is filled with several Christmas Trees, a village display and a fireplace. Holiday games and gifts. I am truly blessed and hope you are sharing the holidays like I am, with Barbra, Frank, Johnny, family, friends and one sexy delivery man.

Peace and Love!


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