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Happy Birthday Barbra!

How do you say Happy Birthday to an ICON who has been (outside of my family) bringing me happiness since I was a 13 year old boy? I have no clue LOL, but I will write here, that Barbra in 37 years of following her, taught me that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, and that if you dream, you can make it a reality. She has done it all, Singer/Songwriter/Actress/Director/Producer and the list goes on. She also won every Award possible, and continues to break them in her 50 years of entertaining. NO ONE will come close in this generation in matching some of her accomplishments in their lifetime, including a #1 Album in each of the 5 decades. THANK YOU BARBRA and I wish you THE VERY BEST 74th Birthday!!!

With Love,

Ike XO

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