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50 Shades Of Gay CONTEST!

Here it is Last month I previewed the official 50 Shades of Gay Postcard (Thanks to incredible work of Tyrone Desperado).

As you can see I picked 32 ICONS and they are listed on the actual card. I would like you to pick the remaining 18 and who you view as as ICONIC in the Gay Community. It can be a Person/Movie/Musical/TV Show. Once you submit your 18, we will take all the entries and place them in a pool and pick the winner. RULES: 1. Compose a new email addressed to* 2. Subject: 50 Shades of Gay 3. List your 18 ICONIC choices (cannot duplicate the choices already listed in the pic/see names below) 4. Place your name/city/state *Only One (1) entry per person Contest ends Wednesday April 15th 2015 at 11:59 pm Winner will be announced on Thursday April 30th 2015 PRIZE: $25 VISA GIFT CARD Ike Avelli Gift Items (magazines/postcards/TShirt) + A poster will be created with the final choices and sent to Winner! 1. Freddie Mecury 2. P!NK 3. Queer As Folk 4. Barbra Streisand 5. Absolutely Fabulous 6. Britney Spears 7. Donna Summer 8. Orange Is The New Black 9. Cher 10. Sex and the City 11. The Nanny 12. Beyonce 13. Death Becomes Her 14. Ellen Degeneres 15. Ricky Martin 16. Birdcage 17. Joan Rivers 18. Hedwig 19. Will and Grace 20. Culture Club 21. Wizard of Oz 22. Too Wong Foo 23. Madonna 24. Rocky Horror Picture Show 25. Whitney Houston 26. Clueless 27. Mommie Dearest 28. Designing Women 29. Sheena Easton 30. RuPaul 31. Golden Girls 32. David Bowie

Good Luck!!!!



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