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Summer Lovin!

I am so excited SUMMER is here, and ready to hit the beach and boardwalk as I hit Wildwood NJ this week! ! Of course with the warm weather, comes everyone on the beach in micro-bikini's, which also means, I have to hit the Gym HARDCORE! I am not going to lie, I HATE working out. Now that I am almost 50, I have to do an hour of cardio, to take off the one freaking French Fry I ate. I see these friends of mine who giggle because they ate a four course dinner, burp and lose 10 pounds, and then say, "I am just naturally fit". I say.....


Summer always reminded me of CONCERTS and I am looking forward to opening up the Amber Ferrari/Joplin's Pearl show tonight at the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center Show!! Their show is ALWAYS full of HIGH ENERGY, and you DO NOT want to miss it!

After I return from Wildwood, I head to Philly 7/19 for a photo shoot with Super Talented Gio Michaels for my NEW Holiday show coming up Saturday December 6th (KEEP IT SAVED!). Also, tickets are selling already for the return of 'I've Slept My Way To The Top....Twice' as it hits the Living Room @ the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA!! Get your tickets here:

Hope you are enjoying the first few weeks of SUMMER!! Tell me what you have planned!

Stay Cool


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